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9 ideas for Changing Up Your Hair This Winter

As winter approaches, many people are already looking to the new season as an opportunity to try out a new hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional hairdo,  a radical change, or a great new look, winter can be a perfect time to try out new ideas for a variety of reasons. For instance, winter is a golden opportunity to combine a winning hairstyle with the layered clothing and subdued color schemes appropriate for colder seasons. Whatever your style needs are, here are just a few ways to find a new favorite look this winter.

Winter Colors for Your Hair

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With the traditionally muted tones that winter brings each year, the season can be a great time to try out new colors and find new favorite tones. If you’re looking to create a warm look for your hair this winter, there are numerous shades of brown that might be perfect for a new style that brightens your winter. A rich, dark coffee-colored brown is a favorite for many fans of winter hairstyles, for example, and copper-colored highlights can go great with comfy winter outfits and accent darker hues in clothing. Whichever color you choose, enjoy the adventure of choosing new color palettes for the holiday season.


Put it in Reverse

Even for normally risk-averse people, winter might be a great time to revamp your hairstyle into something completely different than what you’re accustomed to. If you normally wear your hair curly, try straightening it or vice versa. If you’re feeling very adventurous and are accustomed to wearing your hair long, try getting it cut short, especially if you’ve never tried a short ‘do before. If you normally keep your hair a darker shade of brown, try out blonde highlights or even a full blonde makeover. The holidays are a great time for being adventurous, so if a big change might be something that you’d enjoy, have fun with a new style.

Grow it Out

With the colder months ahead getting closer, now is a great time to grow out hair for a warm winter look. Long hair is the perfect winter complement to warm winter fashion, and with the right care and conditioning, long hair might just become your favorite new hairstyle. Keep in mind that long hair has certain needs, especially if you’re prone to getting dry hair or spend a lot of time around air-conditioning. To keep your long hair healthy, be sure not to over-wash and dry out your scalp, and try warm oils (coconut works well, for example) to keep hair looking fresh and clean all season. While it may require a bit of extra attention and care, a long winter haircut should be at the top of anyone’s list as the holidays approach!


Wear it Up

If you’re looking for a neat look that complements winter fashion, you may try wearing your hair up; a high bun with a bit of hairspray can keep a great style going all day long. To keep your hair and scalp moisturized and comfortable, remember to wear your hair up after it has dried and don’t pull too hard when creating a ponytail. You don’t want to damage your roots or scalp.

Try a Fringe

For a time-honored style that looks great worn long or with a ponytail, fringed bangs can be a great addition to any winter look. Highlighting your bangs can be another great way to spruce up your appearance this winter, and worn just over the eyebrows, a good fringe can create a seductive, mysterious, and playful style that people will love!


Do a Flip

If you’re looking for a stylish update to an old-school hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with a flip this winter. Hearkening back to the days of “Mad Men”-style cool, a flip can be a subtle twist on medium-length hair that gives a bit of elegance to an otherwise subtle style. Timeless and cool, the flip is a great option for professionals who want to keep a personal look that goes great with formal or semi-formal clothing.

Try Braids

Whether you’re going for a “Game of Thrones” look or simply want to try out a new style for your hair, braids might just be your new favorite way of keeping your hair looking healthy and great. There are a number of ways to braid your hair, and styles such as the French braid and Dutch braid are timeless in their effect. Celebrities rocking braids this year include Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift, and Winter 2019 might be the season that braids really make their mark on the fashion world.  


Try a Ponytail

Few hairstyles are as versatile as an old-school ponytail, and fewer are as easy to maintain and keep looking great throughout a workday or evening out. Simple and elegant, a ponytail can be matched with a variety of winter outfits, from sleek, stylish dresses to comfortable seasonal sweaters. For a comfy, stylish holiday season, few hairstyles are quite as appealing as a ponytail. To keep your ponytail looking great, remember to keep your scalp and hair moisturized, and don’t pull too hard on your roots. A healthy scalp means a better-looking ponytail, so be kind to your hair.

Say Hello to Bob

For super-stylish, easy-to-manage hair, a bob might just be the way to go this winter. Few looks are as sleek or as eternally fashionable as the bob, a hairdo that has been going strong since the Jazz Age. For bonus style points, try using a straightening or flat iron for added sleekness. (If you do use a flat iron to get a perfect straight bob, try using heat-repairing hair conditioners to keep your hair healthy.)


For these reasons, finding a great winter hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, changing your look this winter might just be the best fashion decision you make all year. For a great self-esteem boost and a feeling of adventure and new possibilities, few activities are quite as fun as a seasonal hairstyle makeover. And that is hairstyling done right. To revamp your winter hairstyle, make an appointment with Hermosa Salon today!

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