Blow dry styles in blowvember

Blow dry styles are becoming very popular. It’s a quick way to experience straight styles, without using chemicals. Especially with those with coily curls. Yes,  there are those die hard naturals who are super nervous a out heat to their hair.  However,  as long as you use Olaplex, a titanium flat iron and a good heat protectant , you’re golden.   So what makes a good blowout? Healthy hair,  a good titanium flat iron,  and a heat protectant.

, Strong healthy hair foundation is key  to a great blowout! Especially for curly hair.  Curly hair is weaker where the curl bends. So you to make sure you use a great protein treatment (ie Devacurl Deep Sea Repair, Joico Reconstructor), a moisturizing treatment  (ie Devacurl Melt into Moisture), and Olaplex.

You ever notice when you use ceramic it’ll look fly in the beginning,  and when you move to style the other side of your head,  the previous sections start to puff up? Titanium flat irons and curling tools prevent that from happening,  especially with coily hair. I’ll admit, those irons are pricey, however is worth every penny, because your hair stays smooth and lasts a while.

Heat protectants are essential for a good blowout.  It protects the hair from heat damage.  MorrocainOil smoothing lotion and Garnier’s flat ironing spray are great heat protectants.  They’re both super light and doesn’t make the hair greasy.

So make sure you enjoy blowvember with these tips.  Need some mommy time? Here’s a services you could indulge in during BlowVember.