Coconut oil: number one for hydrating hair during cold weather

Winter Curly hair

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Fall is here! Everything is about to change. The leaves change colors. The weather gets cooler, and your curly hair gets drier. So what are some remedies for adding extra Moisture to your curls, you may ask? Coconut oil, Awapuii, and Matcha green tea butter are my number one go to’s.

Coconut oil is amazing for curly hair! The molecules in coconut oil is so tiny, that it penetrates the hair shaft easier. This allows it to moisturize and seal the hair cuticle. It’s very light, and doesn’t weigh your curls down. Products like DevaCurl one decadence and Joico hydration mask are amazing. A little bit would go a long way.

Awapuii is amazing for moisture. It’s a flower that comes from Hawaii that’s high on moisturizing properties. Paul Mitchell Awapuii leave in spray is a great leave in to hydrate your curls.

Matcha green tea butter is amazing. It quenches your curls without being heavy. It contains vitamin E, which improves circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, and vitamin C, which protects hair from sun damage. DevaCurl Melt into Moisture and Aroma Depot Matcha green tea butter are amazing, too.

There you have it. My go to solutions for hydrating your curly hair during this chilly season. You have any other recommendations during these chilly months? Feel free to join in the conversation on our Facebook page.