Curly hair tips to fight frizz on rainy days



You’ve just shampooed and conditioned your curly / wavy hair, flat ironed it.

You’re looking fly, make up is on point. You grab your coat, ready to take on the day, and you see rain. Why is it that everytime we curly girls want to wear a straight look, it rains? No fear. Here are my 5 tips for enduring a rainy day.
5: Apply a dime size amount of serum. I like Biosilk or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny. These products provide a barrier from the rain and your hair, allowing the look to last longer. If your wearing your hair curly, applying a serum will define your curls without it becoming puffy.

4: Umbrella. The less moisture that hits your hair, the better.

3: Accessories. You can use scarves, Barret’s, Bobby pins. I love using Gemtyes. Those are a life savor. They’re bracelets with cute gems on them that you can use as hair ties for ponytails.

2: Braids or twists. You can’t go wrong with braids or twists. Two or three braids or twists the side of your hair up to your ear, and secure with a Bobby pin or clip.

1: Bun it up. A nice chingon can go a long way.

  1. So there you have it. My 5 tips on surviving a rainy day. What are your go to’s for a rainy day? Feel free to comment below and let us know.