Damaged hair: repair it with these simple hair tips

So, I get asked all the time about treating damaged hair. How do you know your happy has enough hydration? How do you know if your hair is healthy? What can you do to keep it soft? These are excellent questions. However, my answer is always feel your hair. It will tell you exactly what it needs for your damaged hair. Let me explain.DevaCurl transformation

Hair needs a perfect harmony of hydration and protein. With daily wear and tear of thermal heat styling in addition to the elements of nature it can damage the cuticle layer of your hair. However, by feeling your damaged hair, you can tell what it needs.

If you’re hair feels rough and crunchy, then your hair needs to be hydrated. Curly hair needs lots of hydration. Hydration escapes this hair type the most because it’s weakest areas are where it bends alone the hair strand. However, by massaging the hydration conditioner into the hair using the racking method, it will penetrate deep into the hair. This will allow less frizz, and accentuate the curls.

If you’re hair feels mushy and blah, then your hair needs protein. The protein is what seals the cuticle to lock that moisture into your hair. Remember, curly hair is weaker where it bends. The protein is the “steel” that reinforces the weak spots in your hair to keep it strong. Smooth it throughout the hair to allow it to penetrate the hair. This will allow the moisture to lock into the hair, allowing healthy hair.curly hair twist out

By using these methods, you can promote healthy flourishing hair. With both hydration and protein, your hair will become frizz free and flourish like Rapunzel. What are your methods for hydrating and applying protein treatments in your hair? Let us know on our Facebook page.