Are all flat iron varieties created equal?

Flat irons are starting to revolutionize. There are so many different varieties that it’s hard to see what to use to take curly hair to frizzy free silky smooth. So let’s look at the ceramic and titanium flat irons to see which may be the right choice for you.Natural hair blown out silk pressed with flat irons

Ceramic: this flat iron use inferred technology to smooth the hair while locking in moisture to reduce frizz. This is a perfect choice for wavy, curly and super coily hair. It’s also great for color treated hair. It also heats and maintains a consistent temperature.

Titanium: this flat iron heat up really quickly. They also keep a consistent temperature, to which allows a single pass through the hair. Doing a single pass through the section of hair limits heat damage. These flat irons are also perfect for curly and super coily thick hair.

As always while you do your heat styling, be sure to use a heat protectent. That way your hair won’t singe from the ceramic or titanium plates on your flat iron. What is your favorite flat iron? Leave comments below or on our Facebook page.