Gym hair accessories that won’t damage your curls

Gym membership and various weightloss diets are at an all time high! Time to knock off the New Years resolution of getting fit to stay healthy! Before you hit the gym, try these hair accessories. They will keep your hair out your way, without damaging it.

gymOuchless headbands are amazing. They are super durable, and gentle on the hair. They are also perfect for thick curly hair. Use them also on shorter hair to create a puff.  gym

The Invisiboble hair ties are great as well. They hold your hair up in a discreet way. They also are non soaking, so you don’t have to worry about it drenching in sweat. gym

Dri sweat bands are perfect for keeping sweat at bay. There’s a lining on the headbands that keeps your head cool, while you’re working up a sweat. In addition to that, it also absorbs the sweat, and is gentle on your edges. That’s a major plus!

These gym hair accessories are excellent for working out. However, we would love to know what gym hair accessories are your favorite? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.