Halloween costume and hair

Halloween costume season hair is here! There’s so many options you can choose from.  Wigs,  weaves, mood hair colors and more.  Need some motivation?  Here’s some ideas.

Halloween costume party hair

Here’s a Frankenwife neon look. Wrap the braids in your crown in a bun. Then simple wrap the remaining braids around the bun.  Take some colorful hair and pin to create a streak.


Halloween costume party hair

Got an old wig? Simply refresh it with some color. You can add some pintura highlights in it,  or use clip-ins to add pops of color.

Halloween costume party hair

Want to go bold with your natural hair without the commitment?  Grab some temporary haircolor spray.  This look took about three (3) cans of spray.  Spray the hair in sections and use a blow dryer to seal the color.  That way,  you don’t have to worry about the color bleeding on your Halloween costume.


What are your Halloween costume hair looks are you going for?  Comment below or join in on the conversation on or Facebook page.

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