Holiday hair tips to bring joy to your holiday

Holiday hair, holiday dresses & parties! Christmas is near! It’s time to get your shopping list together. In addition, you’ll also create your dinner and buffet menus. Travel to see family be it in town or out of state, too. With so much to do, what about our hair? How can we look good and trendy for the season in half the time? Here are some looks you can have fabulous DevaCurl holiday hair at home.

The 5 minutes curl. Yes, you read that correctly. Its perfect for individuals with wavy hair to give your hair lots of body. Simply put your hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head, split the point in half, then create 3 curls on each side. Make sure to pincurl each curl by whinding it around your fingers, then secure with a DevaCurl double clip. This allows the curls to cool and set.

The braided bun. Great for individuals with wavy and curly hair. Part your hair on the side, create a “french braid” on each side, securing the ends with a clear elastic band. Loosen the braid for a more modern look. Place remaining braids in a pony tail. Pull the ends through the top of the ponytail. Roll the ends up to create a bun, and secure with hair pins. You can also add floral ornaments, too.

The top knot with faux bang. Great for any texture hair with the ability to wear bangs without the commitment. Simple put your hair in a high ponytail, secure with elastic band. Section a small section from the front or the pony tail, and use bobby pins to secure and create a bang. Add your favorite curling cream, or gel to define curls, and style as desired.

These simple tricks will have you ready for the holidays. It’s fast easy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Got any other neat tricks? Follow us on Facebook, and comment on your go to styles.