How to minimize bulky weight in curly hair

The biggest dilemma curly girls have when getting a haircut. It’s either cut to look like a triangle or has more lop-sides than 3 leg chair. What gives?

Curly hair creates it’s own elevation. Meaning, one snip, and the springs up, causing the rest of the hair to move up with it. So, the biggest issue cutting the hair is minimizing weight. This is where DevaCutting steps in. It’s a system to cut curly hair curl by curl. So let’s talk about trending hair shapes that minimize weight. The Heart shape and the Halo shape.

The heart ♥️ shape . This shape layers the hair so that it’s full on the top, yet a bit tapered as you go down the length. This is perfect for medium length to longer super curly hair. To minimize the bulk on the bottom, curls can be cut too taper slightly to create a better effect.

The Halo shape. I love this, because it’s volumous, it’s bold, yet it’s tapered around the bottom.  It’s perfect for curly and super curly hair. It accentuates the curls with slight layering, yet maintains length.

Both the Heart and Halo shape are excellent ways to bring out the Deva in your Curls. They both have slight tapering, minimizing the weight towards the bottom of your hair. What hair shaping are you rocking right now? Tag us (HermosaSalonNC) on Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #HermosaCurls so we can shout you out.