The Biggest Misconceptions Women have in regards to skin, hair beauty

Attract Magazine

Women have a misconception about a one size fits all to hair products for curly hair. This misconception is due to not only the separations of ethnicity in the hair product isles, but also the faces placed on packaging.  Now I get it. People will select things based on what they’re familiar with. I understand that. However I feel the way that the world is becoming now, a melting pot, hair products need to market and package differently. One thing to pay attention to is what are you trying to accentuate? Straight hair? Curly hair? Once you decide what you’re wanting to accentuate, then figure out what product to use to achieve that. women natural curly hair

One tip is stop concentrating on the person you see on the package. Pay attention more to the texture of the product when selecting products for your hair. Rule of thumb: the finer the hair, the thinner the product. The thicker the hair the thicker the product. That way, no matter what hair line that pops out from the sky, you’ll know exactly what to select. That way you won’t have another skeleton in your bathroom cabinet that you’re not going to use.

If you decide to wear it straight, select any product that has either Cyclomethicone or Dimethicone in it (ex Paul Mitchell Super Skinny , Biosilk Therapy Serum). These ingredients are different types of silicone to block humidity from your hair. If you want to where it curly, reach for a curling cream like CurlyHair curling cream, or Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curling butter. Those hair lines have products to accentuate curls, and aren’t heavy on your hair.



Love the hair that you have and don’t become misconstrued on a one size fits all product. Be sure to ask your stylist to see how a product feels. Make sure to make sure that you’re shown how to use it to save money and time. Besides, you can use that time for more important things like shopping and shoes. Who doesn’t like that?