Natural hair no longer fears haircolor

Natural hair and hair color! I can remember when I was younger how there was such a horrific thing to get hair color. Especially for those with coily kinky hair. There’s fear of hair breakage, not being considered “natural hair”.  Well, I have news for you. You no longer have to fear Haircolor. There are numerous innovative technology advances that allows you to get the Haircolor choices you want, without sacrificing your hair’s integrity. Remember, curly hair is the weakest where the curls bends. Here are a few innovative hair coloring products to keep the curly in to too shape.

Oil and clay Lighteners: there’s now oil and clay based lightener that will lighten your hair, yet slower and more safely. Oil lighteners will condition and lighten the hair at the same time. Clay lighteners doesn’t condition the hair. However, it does process slower to create a nice even consistence of tone to the hair.  Even though both the oil and clay lighteners does process a bit slower, slow and steady is good so that it doesn’t stress your curls out.

Olaplex: Olaplex is a hair rebonder. When you get a Hair color service, it breaks the bonds in your hair, which can cause damage to your hair. Olaplex builds back the bonds to maintain the integrity in your hair. With this technology, it can be added to your haircolor mixtures before applying it to your hair.

With these options your hair coloring varieties are endless. You can do fashion colors, grey coverage, or any type of changes without your hair skipping a beat. I got your brain buzzing with ideas, huh? Contact us anytime to discuss your hair color imaginations that you want to make a reality.