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We’ve all been there. Standing in front of a shelf at your salon with mountains and mountains of products. All products ranging in different colors, shapes and sizes. All the while scratching your heads wondering what products would work best for our specific¬†hair needs, texture, density, and everything in between. Here’s a simple rule that I advise my clients: the THICKER the hair, the THICKER the product. The THINER (finer) the hair, tall know how angry and frustrating it is to squirt some goop in our hands, rub it to the hair, and look just as fly as can be for the first hour. Then sadly watch it wilt away hours later. When you add products in your hair such as a dime size of a styling clay (ex. Redkin Men’s Work hard Molding Paste), extra hold gel (ex. Redkin Men Stand Tough Extreme Gel) … or a pomade….something with some “tack” to it, it will allow your style to last a whole lot longer. When you go with a styling clay, it gives you the hold and longevity that you want, but without the shine. The gel will also give you longevity, but will give you shine.

15202518_10157954314110372_7359973323560814725_nFine hair, on the other hand, has the opposite problem. too much product can cause it to become “greasy” looking or weight it down so much, you begin to favor a wet poodle. In this case, you want to use a light product such as a Styling clay (ex. Redkin for Men: Texture Putty Outplay) or a styling wax. These products will give you the lift that you want for volume, yet without the crash.

Well there you have it. A simple foul proof way to select the right products for the right look for your hair. The Thicker the hair, you want a thick, tacky product to have the strength to hold up your style all day. For Finer hair, you want a wax, clay…something that will give you the volume you want, without the greasiness that follows. Follow these tips, and you can use that time that you were spending drooling at the product shelves for things that really matter, such as finding a restaurant, or picking a movie.