Traction alopecia and it’s affects in our community

Traction alopecia is becoming a growing challenge in hair loss for women. You get a sew in or braids. You leave it in for months. Then you start noticing hair loss around your hair line.

I fell victim to traction alopecia from wearing wigs all the time. I would wear it for vanity. My hair loss exceeded around my hair from the wigs. Wigs became my new appendage to hide behind due to the extreme hair loss. 

However, one day I had to take a stand and give my hair a break. I had to get the health of my hair back. This was my regimen.

My hair started getting treated better. I used Joico hydration and reconstructing conditioners. Ate healthier instead of junk food and snacking so much. Applied coconut oil on my hair to seal in moisture and strengthen my hair line. Since curly hair is weaker where it bends at the curl, I started using Olaplex. Olaplex is a hair rebonder that fills in the potholes in your weak points of the hair.

If I do wear hair extensions, I make sure to add “buffers” inbetween my hair and the hair extensions. I will braid my hair with marley hair first, then attatch a hair net, then apply the hair extensions. That way the tension and the weight of the hair extensions will be on the “buffers” and not my hair. I make sure to remove it in 4 weeks, condition my hair, wear my hair for about a week to give it a rest. I’ll switch the braiding pattern so that the interior of the hair won’t break on the outside tensions of the braids. Doing this allowed my edges to grow back, and create healthier hair.

When you choose to wear wigs, be sure to maintain the health of your hair. At times we forget because we spend so much time maintaining the longevity of the hair extensions, that we don’t maintain the health of our foundation…our own hair. Select a stylist that will treat your hair health as a priority and not another dollar sign.

Remember, the foundation to anything is priceless, so take care of yourself and your hair. What is your regimen to combat traction alopecia? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.