What trends are you falling for this fall

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It is fall! Weather is getting cooler, kids are back in school, and the humidity is tapering off bit by bit. Curly girl’s at this moment are excited that now, you can straighten your hair, without beating the frizz down with a bat. So what is trending with the fall hair fashions and products for fall? Let’s dive Right into it.

Vintage waves. At the most recent NY Fashion week, there were a lot of vintage style dry waves. To achieve this look, hair is first shampooed and conditioned. Then hair is blown dry with Paul Mitchell’s Nero prime serum. Then you curl each section with a 1 inch barrel. After all sections are curled, using a paddle brush, brush the curls out in a downward motion.Create your wave, and pin in place to set with hair clips.  




Another trend that this fall is Platinum Snow White hair with peek-a-boo mood color. As you know, Pravana has came out with this new mood color that changes when heat is applied. It’s a temporary color and washes out when you shampoo.  It’s a good way to change throughout your day, and ads a little fun and spice to your tresses. 



Paul Mitchell’s new Nero line is very innovative. It allows maximum protection to your hair with heat styling up to 450 degrees. That means less fading to your hair color, and less damage to your hair. It’s very light, doesn’t weigh it down, and doesn’t make it greasy. Which is a huge plus, especially for you girls who have fine hair! 


So there you have it. A few of the many fall hair fashions trending that you are bound to see this fall. With vintage hair, Pravana’s mood color, and Paul Mitchell’s Neuro bearing the streets this fall, your hair will be the talk of your runway. Got anymore tenders you’re noticing? Be sure to comment below, or hot is up on Facebook.